Build your own watch

We have started with the concept where a customer is able to build their own watch.
This can be done if anyone has an existing pocket watch and would like to convert it
into a wrist watch. Not all pocket watches can be converted and some are not worth converting
unless they are sentimental. Please note we never destroy watches or scrap cases.
We are always happy to advise if you you would like to convert a watch you have
we need to see the watch and particularly the mechanism then we can advise.

The other option

If you would like to have something custom made for you we are able to source according to your requirements. With our current expansion we will soon be able to offer more variety of case
styles and materials. In order for us to provide a quote for a custom build watch we would need
some information. This is so we can identify a case material, size, color and strap. If you are interested in having something customised to your requirements please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.
The current options are
Make of watch - we are happy to advise for examples please check our Facebook page
Case - Stainless steel 42 mm front and back glass, Carbon fiber, Brass or bronze or Mild steel
Dial colour and material - Our dials are not custom made but there are options on standard watches. Black, white, military, metal or enamel.
Strap - The strap options are almost limitless we have straps custom made to suit customers requirements. 


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