Movement Selection & Restoration

The heart of every HBWC custom watch is the mechanical movement.  There are many defining characteristics of quality of watch movements, and HBWC sources majority American Railway Grade watch movements as well as Quality Swiss movements.

American:  In the 1800’s, the American railway industry spawned a need for high precision pocket watches to ensure that the rail system ran on time.  The result was a number of amazingly ornate and accurate pocket watch movements that still run beautifully today.  We source movements from Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham, Illinois, South Bend, E. Howard, Burlington, Ball and a myriad of other smaller private label makers.

Swiss:  We source movements from branded and recognized makers such as IWC, Omega, Longines, LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Minerva, Vacheron & Constantin for conversion as needed.

Military Watches:  We also specialize in sourcing and converting WWI and WWII military pocket watches for conversion.  The watches are researched and dated, restored and the pocket watch case is placed into the display box to retain collectors value.  We have converted a number of WWII Hamilton military watches (Mod.23 Chronograph and 4992B Master Navigator)

HBWC can convert your family heirloom or source a specific movement for your conversion.  

Available Movements:

I.    1920’s Minerva Cal. 19/9 Chronograph – Private label “Chadwick Company Chicago”
– Available for conversion.  Dial is size 18s (46mm). 
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II.    1920 Illinois Bunn Special
, 21 Ruby Jewels,
Serial number 3718993.  Dial size is 16s (43mm).
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Movement Diagram