Mechanical Watches Reborn

Anthony Chemaly founded the Hout Bay Watch company in 2009 from a love and historical
interest of vintage pocket watches. After finding no local resources to teach watchmaking in
South Africa, Anthony found a local clockmaker, Darryn Clark also living in Hout Bay and
teamed up to learn how to repair and restore old timepieces.

Darryn is a certified clockmaker by trade who started an apprenticeship in Knysna many
years ago with a highly qualified clock and watchmaker. Darryn runs his own company in
Cape Town specializing in clock repairs and restoration and had accumulated many watch
tools over the years as well as knowledge about the repairs but had focused on clocks.

Anthony and Darryn soon became friends and after buying all of Darryn's vintage
watchmaking tools he started on the long road of learning the art of mechanical watch

Anthony had a very high-quality pocket watch mechanism that he did not have a case for so
he decided to find a wristwatch case and converted the watch for himself. Soon after that, a
few people commented that they really loved the watch, so he decided to form a company
and do custom conversions for customers and sales.

Many years down the line we have formed a team with Roger James, a master leather
worker who produces amazing display boxes for our watches, Dion from Outlaw
Straps custom makes straps to customers specifications. We like to work with true artisans
and are always expanding and our business. We are currently collaborating with Stuart
Swan from  Bettel  and developing a wooden case range. We do a lot of our
bigger engineering with Guy Luck, a master blacksmith and steam model builder who
custom makes amazing skeleton clocks.
If you would like to see any of our products online, please refer to our Facebook page, which
contains the most up-to-date information or look at a small sample of watches we produced
on our previous conversions page.
We can convert most watches for customers, so if you have a pocket/fob watch that you
would like converted or are looking for something unique, please feel free to contact us.
Darryn Clark


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