Hout Bay Watch Co

About us


The Hout Bay Watch Co was founded by Anthony Chemaly in 2016. Anthony developed a passion for authentic mechanical pocket/fob watches and wanted to learn more about the trade and servicing of mechanical watches. After trying to find anyone who would help he came across me. I have been in the trade for over 20 years after doing an apprentiship with a highly skilled watchmaker. I focused mainly on Clocks but had a fairly good knowledge of the watch repair process and had accumulated a fair amount of watchmaking tools. We soon started working togehter. Anthony then decided to try his hand at converting a pocke watch into a wrist watch. We soon discovered that these watches were saught after and formed the Hout Bay Watch Company. We strive to manufacture a high quality product and ensure high standards. We have also forme a good team of craftsmen we colaborate with. For more info on our team feel free to check out or The Team page. If you would like to see any of our previous products or get updates on current projects you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we constantly update the info. If you would like to know anything you can find our details on the contact us page. 


Darryn Clark